"Singer-songwriter Kris Anaya and producer/multi-instrumentalist Joseph Davancens want to chart new psychic territory in music... For this recording, Anaya and Davancens found creative seclusion in the foggy hills of Stinson Beach, California, alongside musicians Mike Sparks, Aram and Arlene Deradoorian and Dusty Brown. There they transmuted moody, melodic Synth Pop into clockwork Krautrock and oceanic ambient textures. Over powerful rhythms, Anaya’s singing floats through the mist like the fleeting voices in the psyche. His lyrics invite listeners to fall madly in love or lose themselves in madness. Past Lives lingers on existential questions. Should I sleep? Should I dream? What’s the use?" - Doombird

"[Overflowing] brims with swirling synthpop psychedelia. It’s a tune both hypnotic and intoxicating with plenty of darkwavey tendencies and a Krautrock meets ambient electronica pensive lushness." - I Heart Moosiq