NOONMOON (2014 to date)

Noonmoon is a small rotating collective of musicians, helmed by Mike Sparks Jr. Noonmoon focuses on palleted drone and repetition. Noonmoon seeks hypnosis through expansion and retraction; swells and subtractions.

Noonmoon's debut album "Vanisher" has been released as of 2/17/17!

BY SUNLIGHT (2008 to date)

By Sunlight plays moody, dynamic music made of equal parts shimmer and punch. With chiming guitars, melodic vocals, layered textures, and unconventional rhythms, the band creates music that sounds only like itself.

BRIDGES (2004 - 2008)

Initially started by Mike in 2005 as "Bridges" (in Sacramento, CA), the group released a debut album, "The Underscore", and hit the road on numerous tours. A couple years later,  after a few lineup shifts, Mike Sparks (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Robert Cheek (guitar, keyboard) and John O’Connell (drums) moved the band to Seattle. There they met Jack Clemens (bass guitar, synthesizer) and continued to tour while developing new material. It was at this time, in the spirit of creative rebirth, that the band changed its name to By Sunlight.

MISTER METAPHOR (2001 - 2004)

Mister Metaphor formed in Sacramento, California in 2001. Members include Ben Edrington (guitar, vocals), Justin Goings (drums), Ryan Rake (bass), and Mike Sparks (guitar, vocals). The band toured extensively and played alongside bands such as Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Walkmen, Nada Surf, The Joggers, and more. Though Mister Metaphor has been on an extended hiatus, the music still has a passionate following today, appreciated for its post jazz/prog rock complexity and unique energy.


AN ANGLE (contributed vocals/keys/guitar)

At the center of An Angle is Sacramento-based songwriter, Kris Anaya.  He has had a rotating collective of artists contribute to the group's catalog of music.  "Anaya’s voice wavers over the top of heart-wrenching strains of strings and keys, and incorporating the sounds from so many different instruments makes An Angle unlike any other band in the region." said Chelsea Sime on Chico

DOOMBIRD (actively playing guitar/synth)

"Singer-songwriter Kris Anaya and producer/multi-instrumentalist Joseph Davancens want to chart new psychic territory in music... For this recording, Anaya and Davancens found creative seclusion in the foggy hills of Stinson Beach, California, alongside musicians Mike Sparks, Aram and Arlene Deradoorian and Dusty Brown. There they transmuted moody, melodic Synth Pop into clockwork Krautrock and oceanic ambient textures. Over powerful rhythms, Anaya’s singing floats through the mist like the fleeting voices in the psyche. His lyrics invite listeners to fall madly in love or lose themselves in madness..."

HE WHOSE OX IS GORED (actively playing bass)

He Whose Ox is Gored has been blasting through the underground of Seattle since 2009. Combining technical guitar work and atmospheric synth over a pummeling rhythm section, they create a uniquely cinematic soundscape that paints a world ready to thrash and burn. With an upcoming full-length, and a busy tour schedule this year, the OX's dynamic doom is poised to take over.

JOHN GUTENBERGER (contributed synth)

John's solo album was recorded in March of 2013 at ExEx Audio in Seattle WA. Robert Cheek engineered the songs while By Sunlight served as his backing band.  Eight songs were rehearsed, recorded and mixed it in 4 days.

POLLENS (contributed live performance guitar/vocals/percussion)

"Seattle seven-piece Pollens:
Is ensemble singing.
Is density and drone.
Is modal and polyrhythmic.
Is influenced by African trance
and contemporary choral music."

STELLA CREST (contributing synth and vocals)

Stella Crest is a Seattle-based project led by Evan Anthony Ferro. Debut EP coming soon.

X-RAY PRESS (contributed keys/guitar)

X-ray press can be described as "Math rock meets art rock meets experimental malarkey."

Plus, many session recordings affiliated with Robert Cheek at ExEx Audio in Seattle, WA.