Noonmoon Previews New Music During the Wayward Series

Noonmoon recently debuted its first ensemble performance.  The performance was part of the Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle, WA. Joining me for this inaugural performance was Evan Ferro on guitar/vocals, Jack Clemens on synth, John O'Connell on drums, and Lisa Mungo on synth.  Amy Billharz projected abstract video imagery to accompany each song.

The show was an eclectic mix of experimental composers. Karnak Temples played traditional gamelan instrumentation accompanied by droned guitar played with a bow. Sue Ann Harkey followed with frenetic drumming and musing and cryptic lyrics.  My good friends Paurl Walsh and Josh Medina headlined, playing a unique mixture of John Fahey influenced guitar wrapped in layers of drone. An exciting start to Noonmoon as a live enterprise.